Complaints & Compliments Book + Poster


This extensive complaints and compliments book covers absolutely everything you need to ensure you as a childminder are working in accordance with the EYFS welfare requirements and Statutory Framework guidance.
Useful for anyone responsible for the Health, Safety and welfare of children.

This is an A4 size Book which includes the following:

Colourful Front and back cover
Protective Front and Back Binding Covers

Childminding setting details information page (inc. box for Yearly Ofsted Inspection Grades)
Parent/guardian Information page (detailing the procedure taken regarding the investigation of a complaint)
Compliment Forms (80 compliment boxes)
Complaint & Compliment Divider Pages
Complaints Forms including the following:

Source of complaint section
Details of complaint section
How it was dealt with section
How it relates to the EYFS Welfare Requirements section
and more...




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