There is a Total of: 

50 Policies
26 Forms/Records
13 Plans/Procedures
14 Information Documents                  

5 Books     

A substantial amount of time, effort and research has gone into this extensive childminding pack, you will find everything needed for your childminding business to run to a high standard and to help you to achieve an Outstanding Grade from Ofsted. We have been recommended by Ofsted to Childminders around the country!

This pack includes all the essential childminding paperwork you will need as required by ofsted. It includes Policies, Procedures, EYFS Observation File for Planning, Observations and Assessments, plus a Self assessment Information sheet to help you to complete your Ofsted Self-evaluation form plus much more!


Risk Assessments which include:
Emergency Plan
Fire Escape Plan
Outings Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Record
and more.....

Forms & Records which Include:
Accident & Incident Record
Emergency Contact Form
Permission Forms
Administering Medication
Allergy Report
Existing Injuries Record
Nappy & Toilet Training
Child Details Form
Complaints & Compliments Form
Attendance Register
Early Years Self Evaluation Form
Holiday Notification Form
Notice of Termination Form

Information which includes:
Child Protection
Data Protection
Meals provided
Menu & Nutrition
Weekly Menu Planner
Contract Content Information
How to fill out your Self Evaluation
Keeping Daily Diaries
Portfolio Content Advice
Tax & Expenses Information
and more...

50 Policies which include:
Accident Policy
Admissions & Settling In Policy
Behaviour Management Policy
Drop off & Collection Policy
Fire Evacuation Policy
Personal Possessions Policy Overnight Care Policy
Garden Equipment Policy
Safeguarding Children Policy
Physical contact & Intervention Policy
Road Safety Policy
Pets & Animals Policy
Supervision Policy
Safety Policy
Raising Concerns (whistle-blowing) Policy Use of Scissors Policy Un-collected Child Policy
Lost or Missing Child Policy
Dental Hygiene Policy
Health & Sickness Policy
Sick Child Policy
Sleeping Baby Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Exclusion Policy
Sun Protection Policy
No Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs Policy
Administering Medication Policy
EYFS Observations Policy
Care, Learning & Play
Television Policy ICT Policy (New) Special Educational Needs Policy
Skipping Rope Policy
Sand Pit Policy
Physical Contact Policy
Working In Partnership with Parents Policy
Statement of Commitment Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy  and more...

Plans & Procedures which include:
Childhood Infections
Menu & Nutrition
Activities within my Setting
Our DayAll About Me
House Rules
The Benifits of a Childminder
and more....

EYFS Planning-Observations-Assessments which include:
EYFS Development Matters
EYFS Profile
Planning, Observations and Assessment Record Sheets
and more....

Reward Charts which include:
Potty Reward Chart
Thomas the Tank Reward Chart
and more....

There is a Total of: 
50 Policies
26 Forms/Records
13 Plans/Procedures
14 Information Documents   5 Books

The documents are sent to you on CD; in Word & PDF format

Terms & Conditions
I am very proud of the work I have put into this pack and am recommended very often by Ofsted, my pack is copyrighted to my business: 'The Childminding Resource Shop' it is to be used for the purpose it is intended and not for re-sale!
Anyone breaching these terms will be prosecuted without hesitation.




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